The Gojokers Mobile App makes it easy for an independent or handyman contractor to finish a job bid from everywhere in the field. When you’ve got clients looking for a proposal list from expert handyman services, this multipurpose app makes it easy to create a quick evaluation form. Whenever someone has any problem all over the place inside the home and asks for repairs, he/she has to enter all the details describing the job, comprising the proposed work and contact information, and produce a job bid that can be instantly emailed to the customer using a tablet or smartphone. It can happen that property management groups are in need of a jack-of- all-trades? What about a home improvement construction bid up for grasp? Be one step forward of the competition and submit your proposal online, and stay ahead of the paper-based competitors. Don't just make it easy on yourself. Make it easy for the general contractors, property owners, property managers, service providers, and any other third party from whom you can expect the work.

This easy to use app offers a hassle-free way to generate bids on a variety of handyman, including roof repair, household jobs, gutter cleaning, lawn care and many other services. Also valuable in construction bidding for home renovations, the digital job estimator form incorporates customizable fields for specific job plans, estimated costs, price quotes, payment terms, and property owner details. Leave all the complex construction estimating software at home! Everything you need is in the Gojokers Mobile App.